Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Your child’s first birthday party can be the most special and memorable event after his or her birth. It is every parent’s dream to throw a party for their little one but they often go over the top or feel pressurized when planning and getting everything ready. So here are a few tips for you so that you can easily plan out and make a check list of all the items you need to get and all the activities you need to do.

1. Keep it simple

Remember, this is not a competition between your friends, family and neighbours who have already thrown grand parties for their kids. Your child will not be so thrilled about how big the party was, but rather about how memorable and fun it was. So, make a guest list of only your closest family and friends so that you can truly enjoy the party rather than just showing off to others. Also, large crowds can scare your baby.

2. Be within budget

Allocate a considerable portion for your party and make sure you stay within it at all times. Over-expenditure on fancy items will be of no use. So make the budget including all necessary elements and if you have left you can go for some additional entertainment or just open up some savings for your kid’s future.

3. Time and location

Analyze your baby’s nap time and schedule the party accordingly. You do not want the star of the evening to be asleep during his party. Also, check out locations other than your home to add some specialty to it. An outdoor party would be ideal if the weather is good since all the kids will love the extra space than cranking up in a house.

4. Book a photographer

You do not want to miss out on any special moment at the party so book a photographer early. Also, if you want you can have a photo shoot prior to the party to get some good shots. Hire a professional childrens photographer so that he can capture natural and beautiful shots of your baby.

5. Set a theme

A theme can be a great idea for a kid’s party. You can select your child’s favourite Disney character or any other theme and set out everything according to that. The plates, napkins, cups, cards etc. can all be bought at party-ware shops. Your childrens photographer may also suggest this as it would be great in photos. Get crafty and make your decorations yourself. Feel free to continue reading here for other events that professional photographers cover. 

6. Decide the menu

Keep you menu easy and straight forward. Make some salads, pasta and short-eats for the adults and make some bite sized treats for the kids. Dry cereal is also great since kids love to eat them with their fingers. Remember to not get any foods that will choke the kids.

7. Plan some games and activities

Fireworks, bursting balloons or any other items that make loud noises can scare your child. So do not get any such items. You can try mild games such as peek-a-boo, finding surprises in a box or even opening up the presents. Your kid will love it.

Try these simple steps to plan out the perfect first year birthday party for your little one. Remember to relax and have fun at the party. Drinks may spill, plates may break and accidents may happen but don’t get too caught up in it. Enjoy this time with your loved ones since your kid will be a grown man in no time.