3 Cool Ideas To Rock An Engagement Party With Cool Games

Are you going to be engaged with your beloved person soon? Our sincere congratulation to you! Are you planning the party just as per your parents did or going to copy the idea from some of your friends’? Why don’t you try to go out of your conventional way of celebration? So, let’s enjoy the occasion of being engaged with your love with some strikingly creative ideas.

Stop the copy of your old friends’ ideas and get into something new. If you have to borrow ideas, then look at our suggestions. They are pretty good and need to be looked after carefully. First reserve the engagement party venues in Melbourne beforehand and you must do it at least four to five months prior to your occasion. 

Booking engagement party venues beforehand will surely save your money. Otherwise, you will have to pay some more than the actual price. Isn’t it better to save some money on this matter? You know well about your choice. Also, by you can use the saved money in some other important aspects of the party. In this case, find a perfect bar for your event.

Now here are the best party game ideas for you.

1. Add the picture matching games: Can anything be more exciting than engaging the bride and groom to find their own pictures? Hope you need explanations. Well, bring some pictures of the bride and groom and cut them into pieces. Now hide them in different places near the stage of engagement and give them hints for further search. Keep cheering them and decide some beautiful gifts for them. This will be an awesome experience for both of them. You can add the bridesmaids in this game too to increase the fun.

2. Call for sharing some loving moments: Tell the guests to share their experiences with the bride as well as the groom. Make sure the moments are funny and not embarrassing at all. The newly engaged couples should be very happy and should keep remembering these moments forever. A party should be full of fun and enjoyment. You have no need to hurt anyone’s feelings or thoughts. In fact, for some more creativity, tell the guests to dedicate their drinks for the new couple. This is a great way to show love, blessings, affection and respect for them. Old memories with some sips of drinks will be a remarkable event definitely.

3. Pick the paper envelopes: Make small envelopes with different topics and let the guests pick one by one. They will say something special about the given topics. Go creative and funny with the ideas.

Be happy and united forever!